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12 July 2016
Agropoli, Italy

Winter in Wellington is no fun. It’s cold, windy and on the whole unpleasant. There must be somewhere better that I could be! Hmmmmm… What about Italy? It’s warm, has hills, and it has sea coast. That’s three things going for it. They also play football there!

I know! I will go on a managerial holiday in Italy. That’s what I will do! I dial up Mr Google and search the Situations Vacant column for football managers. There has to be a team out there who need my skill set!

Introducing Mr BadDragon


So this is me in all of my glory. As you can see, my skills are rather limited, and I know nothing about Italy. I’m sure that this is not a biggie as there are lots of clubs that are right for me!

The Search

U.S. Agropoli 1921


The first club I interviewed at was U.S. Agropoli 1921.


Located on the West Coast, Agropoli would have had a fine view of the carnage at Pompeii!


They have been bouncing about between Tier 4 and Tier 5 without making much of a name for themselves.

A.S.D. Licata 1931


The second team which caught my eye was A.S.D. Licata 1931.


They are based on the South Coast of Sicily, and have a lovely view of the sea!


They have followed a similar, if slightly worse trajectory and are recently relegated into Tier 5.

Vigor Lamezia Calcio


Finally I paid a visit to Vigor Lamezia Calcio.


They are based in Lamezia Terme which is out on the toe of the boot. Not nearly as much ocean views.


They have been consistent performers in the 4th tier, although they tried life in the third tied and it didn’t stick.

The Decision

It is often said that you shouldn’t marry the first woman you meet, an the same can be said of football clubs.


That being said, the first club that caught my eye had some compelling features.

  • A cool logo
  • Three kits defined
  • Modest expectations
  • Beach front access and ocean views


All of these were compelling reasons for me to make the move to Agropoli.

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