2: Serie D/I about to begin

28 August 2016
Agropoli, Italy

BadDragon is about to face his first game in his management career as he leads his Agropoli side against Due Torri. He will have his work cut out to lead his rag-tag bunch of players to anything but relegation following their decidedly average performance in the preseason.

~Simply Red, FM Sport Digital

It is hard to admit that Red is right on this score. We have some serious work to do and I expect a really hard season ahead.

As it happened

Staff Signing


“E-Man” looks a good signing. I am going to be relying on him to keep the club running while I try and win things.


I have put “E-Man” in charge of stocking the backroom, plus also finding players for me. I will negotiate the contracts and respond to offers for my players, however.

Transfer Out


“Anastasi” was out of contract and he decided that our place was not where he wanted to be.

Preseason – Match 1/7



We had our chances and didn’t take them. They took one of theirs and in the end we paid the price for a poor showing.

Team News


As you can see the media do not expect too much from us this season. I would take a mid table finish right now!

Preseason – Match 2/7

This should be a slightly easier fixture for us and may offer us a chance to get a win under our belt. I keep with the system that we are developing. I am looking to retain the early crosses and maybe changing the roles in midfield.


In the end we had the better of the possession and territory, yet only managed a draw.

Preseason – Match 3/7

I have been a little concerned with the lack of penetration up front, although I believe it is more a factor of the quality of the final pass. I continue to tweak how we play as I attempt to solve the riddle of more goals.


They were the better side, enjoying more possession and looking dangerous early on. Yet we were the side who bagged the goals

Preseason – Match 4/7


We conceded a pair of early goals and were unable to turn the tide around. The 4-2-3-1 Narrow formation is proving to be awkward to deal with.

Preseason – Match 5/7


A scoreless draw which was both bereft of chances and action. Clearly we have much to do.

Preseason – Match 6/7


We made all of the play but lacked the killer blows to get a win despite making most of the play.

Team News


Di Lauro has some serious wheels and could offer something to the side.


We also added two backroom staff in the form of youth manager and assistant managers.


Preseason – Match 7/7


We were the better side yet we let them back into the game twice and paid the price.

Results Summary


A mixed bag of results. We have some serious work to do yet.

Next Episode


After the first four games I expect that we will know better where we stand.

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