3: Killer Dolphins on the loose

19 September 2016
Agropoli, Italy

Agropoli have started the 2016/17 season like a team possessed, and have notched up four wins in a row. This has placed the Blue Dolphins in uncharted territory atop the league table.It will be interesting to see how Mr BadDragon copes with this unexpected turn of events. Can he keep the momentum up?

~Grey Mando, FOX FM Sports Africa

Well this is very pleasing. We have managed to get the early lead which has allowed me to shut up shop and defend the lead. The fact that we have managed to do this successfully over four games is also pleasing.

As it happened

New Signing


This guy was only 19% scouted, however there was a gap in the roster at DM and so I asked my Director to invite him to join.


Martinelli looks like a good right back. I am not sure why he has been invited to join as we have good cover there.


Of course he may not be with us long!

Team News


Game on! First match in charge and I know nothing about my opponents.


We are looking to achieve a mid-table position by the end of the season.

Serie D – Ginome I – Match 1/36


We are slight favourites in the season opener. I have no idea how the opening games will go.


Our lineup for the first match sees us field an almost full strength side. Botti is another week away from starting training.


First game in charge and we get a win. The 100% record looks good on the C.V.! It won’t continue forever I am guessing.


We put in a good performance and looked good for our win. A nice array of key passes in and around the box.


Serie D – Ginome I – Match 2/36


Match number two sees us visit the home of the big A team.


We make a couple of changes from the last game as some players are looking tired.


We make it two from two with a solid performance.


We were attacking right to left. They made a large number of key passes from deep, while our use of an advanced playmaker say us playing at the top of the D.


Team News


We have sold a whopping 78 season tickets! Outstanding.

Serie D – Ginome I – Match 3/36


The Blue Dolphins play the Green Lions. Can the Lions swim, or will the Dolphins make it three from three.


De Pascalis and Ricci return to the starting line-up. The pressure is on to continue the good run.


We got an early goal and shut up shop just after the half. They made a little more of the play, however we had the goal and held on to make it three from three.


Again we play a compact top of the D attack. I am thinking of telling my AMC to roam from position to shift things around a little.


Injury Update


Just as we were looking to get our top playmaker back, we have lose our leading goal scorer for 2 months. This is frustrating!

Serie D – Ginome I – Match 4/36


Third placed A.S.D. Reggio Calabria are our last opponents in the episode. This is where the rubber meets the road.


Only one change from last match with Gaeta replacing the injured Favia.


We made it four from four and in the process have take the place at the top of the pile.


Again we set-up camp on the edge of the area. They looked strong on the break but once again our defence was resolute.

Angelo Cavallaro banged in a fantastic strike to give us the lead.


Results Summary


Four wins from four games is a rather unexpected start to the season.

League Table


Somehow we find ourselves top of the table. Fancy that.

Next Episode


On paper the next four matches are winnable. Whether they will pan out this way remains to be seen.

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