5: A difficult time for the Delfini

23 October 2016
Agropoli, Italy

Mr BadDragon is finally starting to understand the magnitude of the task ahead of him as his Agropoli side as the Delfini have struggled to find the net. He will be hoping that the  return of Gianluca Favia will spark a resurgence in his sides fortunes.

~Carlos Alberto Bravo, Claro FM Sports Uruguay

We have struggled to score goals and only picked up two points from four games. We haven’t been shocking, but we have not been great either.

As it happened

Serie D – Ginome I – Match 9/36


We are on the road at the current league leader A.S.D. Gelbison Vallo della Lucania. A draw against these guys would a fine result.


They are playing my least favourite formation as well. I have set up with the idea of trying to frustrate a result out of them.


We held them scoreless in the first half. Sadly we could keep them out and we shipped two goals just after half time.


In the end we were outplayed and the result was a fair one. We really missed Pilloni and his replacement was exploited for both goals.


Injury Update


This is welcome news as Pilloni is a key player for the team.

Serie D – Ginome I – Match 10/36


Following on from that difficult match we have the first of three matches against opposition on our level.


Pilloni is back having passed a fitness test. I chose to have him on the bench and will look to give him 30 minutes only. Gaeta has been dropped as he is struggling to find goals.


Once again we were unable to find the net, although we had a goal disallowed through a tight offside decision. We did have the better chances but couldn’t convert them.


Again we battered on the door but lacked the killer instinct to kick it down!


Injury Update


Pilloni is back training and will probably get an hour this week.


Favia is not yet fit and will not be selected for the next match.

Serie D – Ginome I – Match 11/36


Dolphin v Lion. Sounds like a non contest, doesn’t it? In all seriousness we need a win here.


Two changes as Pilloni is back from injury, and Botti preferred as play-maker. I have opted to slow things down a bit here as well.


We conceded a goal in the first 25 seconds and never managed to get back into the game. We haven’t scored in our last three outings and this is starting to become a concern.


The first minute goal was a killer and we never really recovered.


Serie D – Ginome I – Match 12/36


U.S. Palmese 1912 are sitting at the bottom of the heap. We can’t afford not to beat them!


That 4-2-3-1 narrow formation is a concern. Still we can overcome it. I have given the boys a good talking to and they promise to do well.


Well this was disappointing. We were not good enough as we filed to deal with the opposition formation. I have may have to play with a DM an flat back four next time.


As you can see from the graph we were not in control of the game. There is much work to be done.


Results Summary


This was not our best series of results. In some ways we are lucky that we won our first four games as it keeps the pressure off.

League Table


We have slipped off the top. It is important that we arrest the slide and maintain a position near the top.

Next Episode


Again we gave one top team and three lower sides. There is much work to be done.

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