6: BadDragon out of his depth

14 November 2016
Agropoli, Italy

Mr BadDragon appears to be clueless as his Agropoli side has now slipped to the bottom half of the table. The side has now gone six games without victory and look destined to suffer a prolonged relegation battle this season.

~Zanee White, TVA FM Sports

It is bad. Not as bad as the media portray it as, however we need to find a way to score goals!

As it happened

Team News


OK. So maybe this was something that I should have checked earlier. The competition rules! I have to start looking at the squad and planning for next year. The first thing I need to decide on is what percentage of my first team will be under 20. Given that I need four starters under 20, I think I need at least 10 players 18 or younger.

Our Current Youth Players

Giovani Ferrari


Giovani Ferrari is one of my key youngsters. He has been performing well, however at 5’9″ tall he lacks the required height to play Centre Back.


That being said, my defensive coach is impressed by him, and given that he is underage for three seasons I will keep him around.

Giacomo Simoni


If Ferrari was lacking height, Giacomo Simoni must be considered challenged! At 5’6″ tall he will never make it as a central defender.


He is a good player but not a centre back so I have started training him as a right midfielder. He will get a chance to develop, however I am not convinced.

Vincenzo Guarino


Vincenzo has good flair, good pace and is good with ball at his feet. He has two seasons left as a youth player so is worth considering.


A player I am going to attempt to find a place for tactically, although the injury proneness is a concern.

Dino Damiani


Our starting keeper, Dino Damiani is a player I would like to build around.


Sadly he is not interested in signing a new contract right now, which is a pity.

Donato Gaeta


Donato has only one goal from eight appearances. He looks promising, but is he worth keeping in the squad given that he is at the top end of the age scale?


The lack of flair and ability to to the unexpected his going to limit him going forward.

Guiseppe Pagan


Pagan is another who is at the top end of the age bracket and will be competing for one of the “Old Player” spots in the roster moving forward.


He is not ready for this level and I am not sure that he is worth investing in.

Alessandro Bruni


This lad has real potential. Concentration lets him down and physicals need some work.


Not ready for this level yet, so he won’t feature this season. Loan and review next year?

Christian Cacciatori


At 19 Christian is getting on in the world. He needs work and may not have long term potential.


He is quick, versatile and professional. Is he good enough?

Injury Update


F##K!!! Really? Just back from injury and out for the season. SH!T!!!


To make matters worse we lose our number two right back for 2 weeks.


And yet another injury. At least he is not a key player for us.

Team News


Davide Antoniotti has been called up to the first team as cover on the right wing. He is not a defensive player, but has flair and good technique.


Very rough but may be the best player on offer if push comes to shove.


I’m looking for a right midfielder, so have brought in Cacace on trial to look at him.


Another young right midfielder who I am looking at.


Keeping options open I decide to take a look at Peruzzo.


At 6’2″ Leandro Vicidomini passes the physical. I want to have a good look at him.

Serie D – Ginome I – Match 13/36


We are at home against A.S.D. Muravera 1965 Calcio who currently sit in 13th place while we are 8th. We need a win to revers our fortunes.


I decide to mix things up a little for this match. It is a gamble, but sometimes you have to roll the dice. Favia is back from injury.


Well we were disappointing. I don’t think that the change in formation helped.


Our poor defending on a free kick summed up a pitiful performance.


Team News


I didn’t think we were negative. We were bloody awful, but not negative.


Just to highlight our below average performance.

Serie D – Ginome I – Match 14/36


Our initial start has faltered and we look in real trouble as we bump up against the relegation zone.


I revert to a narrow diamond formation for this match. We have to find a way to get a result.


Another disappointing 1-0 defeat. We need to find a way to score goals as we have really been struggling on that front.


We were unfortunate here as the game was fairly even. We are not creating enough quality chances.


Results Summary


Another two 1-0 losses takes us down to 13th place.

League Table


We have fallen off the top in spectacular fashion.

Next Episode


We have the second team followed by teams around us. This is the crucial time of the competition for us.

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