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Welcome to Sunny Italy

The premise of the save is to explore Italian football at a grass roots level. Join Mr BadDragon as he steps off the the plane in Milan and tries to make sense of Italy!

The World



An odd assortment of Nations to be sure.  Designed to provide some players from the surrounding areas while keeping the Continental competition fresh. I am using a modified database from the FMOnline Forum hosted by FM Scout. It enables the pyramid in Italy down toe the 5th tier.

The Rules

This game is being played as a limited intelligence game along the lines of the Lower League Management rules with a few exceptions.

  1. Apart from the inclusion of a Level 5 Italian Database there will be no edits to the environment.
  2. There will be no use of the in-game editor or applications such as Genie Scout.
  3. There will be no real players or staff.
  4. Player and staff attributes will be bar graphs rather than numbers.
  5. Any team list screen views will only show stats, ratings and the like. No attributes will be shown.
  6. Use of the player search screen is only allowed with the criteria of showing players who are greater than 10% scouted. The only way I will find players is by scouting teams in my division, players who are touted by agents, or players whose names appear in the news.
  7. Use of the staff search screen is also not permitted. I can only find staff by recommendations, the job center, or by looking at other teams staff.
  8. No more than eight trialists per season.
  9. I can only accept jobs from clubs in Italy.
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